The worlds highest calibre of specialists.

Industry leading certified professionals who conduct manual penetration testing and provide contextual value.

What's Exposed are CREST recognised across the EMEA Region.

We go beyond pinpointing risks.

Our team rigorously tests and fortifies your digital assets against emerging threats, ensuring that every vulnerability is found, assessed, and resolved.

Accelerated Scheduling of Penetration Tests

Integrated Remediation Workflow

Centralised Vulnerability Management

Centralise all detected vulnerabilities in one dashboard for streamlined management and visibility.

Progress Tracking

Track remediation progress in real time, providing clear visibility into timelines and effectiveness of strategies.

Task Assignment

Assign remediation tasks to team members based, reducing delays in addressing critical vulnerabilities and enhancing efficiency.

Prioritisation Mechanism

Prioritise remediation tasks based on the security score of each finding and asset.

Collaboration Tools

Keep everyone informed about  the latest remediation tasks through integrated messaging and notifications.

Understanding our Security Assessments

Tailored assessments to meet your requirements and budgetary needs.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Our expert team conducts thorough, manual tests to uncover vulnerabilities, offering a detailed security snapshot.

Agile Penetration Testing

Get rapid, adaptive assessments through swift manual tests for a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities within your budget.

Vulnerability Asessments

Vulnerability scans and swift manual tests offer a helicopter view across all your assets security postures.

See what companies are saying about us.

Ian O'Callaghan
Security Division Lead
PFH, A Ricoh Company

“What's Exposed demonstrated a profound understanding of cyber security principles and methodologies throughout the engagement. Their expertise in identifying vulnerabilities and potential exploits was instrumental in enhancing overall security posture for our customers.”

Shane Coman
Founder & CEO
Nexus Assurance

“We have partnered with What's Exposed for penetration testing services over a number of cycles, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. Their team demonstrated deep expertise and thorough knowledge in the field, ensuring our systems were rigorously tested against potential security threats. What stood out most was their ability to articulate complex security findings in a clear and understandable manner, empowering our team to enhance our defences effectively. ”

Frequently asked questions

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, or pen testing, involves simulating cyber attacks on your systems to discover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. It's a proactive approach to identify weaknesses before they can be targeted.

What can I expect from a penetration test with What's Exposed?

Expect a thorough assessment conducted by certified specialists using advanced tools to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities. Our tests provide detailed insights into your security posture, complete with actionable recommendations for improvement.

What certifications do your testers hold?

Our testers are certified by recognised bodies such as CREST and Offensive Security, ensuring they have a deep understanding of advanced penetration techniques and the latest cyber security threats.

What is the benefit of using What's Exposed for penetration testing over other providers?

What's Exposed offers a proprietary platform that simplifies the scheduling, management, and remediation of penetration tests. Our platform provides real-time insights, comprehensive management tools, and seamless communication channels, all underpinned by the expertise of certified security specialists.

How does What's Exposed ensure the confidentiality of penetration testing data?

We prioritise data security by adhering to strict data protection regulations and using advanced encryption methods to secure all information. Only authorised users have access to the test results, ensuring your data remains confidential.

Penetration testing VS. vulnerability scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is an automated process to quickly identify known vulnerabilities in software and systems. Penetration testing is more comprehensive, involving manual techniques to not only identify but also exploit vulnerabilities, simulating a real cyber attack.

How often should I conduct penetration testing?

The frequency of penetration testing can vary depending on several factors including industry regulations, changes to infrastructure, and previous security incidents. Generally, it’s recommended to conduct penetration tests annually or biannually, as well as after significant changes to your IT environment.

Can What's Exposed’s platform schedule regular pen tests?

Yes, our platform allows you to easily schedule regular penetration tests according to your needs. You can set up recurring tests to ensure continuous security monitoring and compliance with industry standards.

What happens if a penetration test uncovers a vulnerability?

If vulnerabilities are identified, the platform will prioritise them based on severity and provide detailed remediation guidance. Our integrated workflow tools also allow you to assign remediation tasks within your team and track progress to resolution.

Can I customise the scope of a penetration test on your platform?

Absolutely. The What's Exposed platform allows you to customise the scope of each penetration test to target specific areas of your infrastructure. This ensures that the testing is relevant to your unique security needs and business objectives.

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