Leverage our expertise under your brand to deliver state-of-the-art security testing solutions at no cost or barriers to entry.

Lock Out Competition

Distinguish your brand with new service offerings, position yourself ahead of competitors.

New Service Lines
Attract & Maintain Customer Trust

Zero Cost, Zero Barriers

Our partnership program is designed to ensure you can start without any financial investment or complicated setup procedures.

No Upfront or Onboarding Costs
Continuous Support

Establish Recurring Revenue Streams

Predictable income streams that instils commercial confidence.

Service Lines that Bring Regular Recurring Revenue
Increased Profit Margins

Partner Tailored Features

Our platform is designed with your requirements in mind:
Simplicity and opportunity identification.

White-Labelled Platform

You and your customers will log into your own branded platform.

Create Clients Easily

Seamless onboarding capturing information you already possess.

Pinpoint Opportunities

Identify attachable opportunities based on our built-in sales analytics.

Frequently asked questions

Why should we partner with What's Exposed?

Partnering with What's Exposed enhances your service offering with high-quality cyber security solutions without the need to invest in your own tools or expertise. Our platform allows you to provide comprehensive penetration testing and cyber security services under your brand, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

What are the revenue opportunities for partners?

Partners can generate significant revenue by leveraging our platform to offer cyber security services. This includes direct revenues from penetration testing and ongoing revenues from  recurring assessments.

Can partners earn recurring revenue with What's Exposed?

Yes, our model supports recurring revenue through regular penetration tests,  scheduled re-tests, and ongoing vulnerability assessments, helping you build a sustainable income stream.

Are there upsell opportunities based on findings from penetration tests?

Absolutely. The findings from penetration tests often reveal deeper security needs that your clients may not have considered, allowing you to upsell additional services such as advanced security configurations, custom remediation services, and enhanced protection measures.

How does the partnership model work?

Our partnership model is simple: you use our platform to deliver services, maintaining your customer relationships and branding. We provide the tools, training, and support, while you manage sales and client interactions.

Does What's Exposed compete with its partners?

No, What's Exposed operates on a non-competing basis. We provide the platform and support, but our partners own the customer relationship, ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest.

How can partnering with What's Exposed help block out competition?

By offering state-of-the-art cyber security services, you can differentiate your business from competitors. Our continuous innovation ensures you stay ahead with advanced features that protect clients more effectively.

How does What's Exposed augment our expertise?

Our platform is backed by a team of certified cyber security experts who provide ongoing support and training. This allows your team to leverage advanced skills and knowledge without the cost of in-house development.

What managed services opportunities does What's Exposed offer?

The platform enables you to offer a range of managed services, including full-scale cyber security management, remediation services, and compliance monitoring, which are all in high demand in today's security-conscious business environment.

How quickly can we start offering services once we partner with What's Exposed?

Partners can start offering services almost immediately after onboarding. Our streamlined setup process and comprehensive training programs ensure you can quickly integrate our services and begin delivering value to your clients.

Ready to start your Security Testing Journey with us?