About Us

Learn who we are, what drives us, and how we're securing digital landscapes around the world.

Purpose behind our company & business.

Crafted by cyber security and software experts, What's Exposed arose from a clear market demand. We are dedicated to enhancing cyber security readiness across all sectors by providing powerful, accessible, and innovative security solutions.

Recognising the dual needs to protect businesses and extend sophisticated cyber security solutions to IT Service Providers, we envision a world where every organisation, regardless of size, has the tools and support needed to defend against evolving digital threats.

Our goal was to create a solution that not only secures businesses but also empowers Service Providers to expand their service offerings, enabling a wider reach and profoundly impacting the cyber security landscape. We strive to be the bridge that enhances global security standards.

Our company’s values that matters the most


We ensure that all aspects of our services—from pricing to performance metrics—are fully transparent to partners and clients alike.


We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring honesty and fairness in our dealings with clients, partners, and each other.


We strive to deliver services that not only meet but exceed client expectations, ensuring superior results and satisfaction.

Elena Donea

Founder | Cyber Security Specialist

Kevin Lawlor

Founder | Software Developer

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